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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:09 pm    Post subject: Animal Malayalam Movie Download

Animal Malayalam Movie Download

A movie about a good-for-nothing stuntman called Mike Gaucher who can't do one single job without something going wrong. His fiancée wants to kill him, the film studios don't want to give him any more work and, as King Kong for a promotion in a supermarket, he winds up destroying some display shelves. The only role he plays well is pretending not to be able to hear, speak and walk in order to get money from the government. Then along comes the "beautiful" actor called Bruno Ferrari. Supposedly a fearless stuntman, Ferrari turns out to be afraid of heights once his feet leave the ground. So a stuntman is needed to prevent a scandal. And who is the man who looks most (or exactly) like Bruno? You guessed it, good-for-nothing Mike...
The funny misadventures of a dating duo of film stunt professionals in France.
This picture hit the movie screens on October 17th 1977 overseas in France. Starring in this film is the beautiful and gorgeous Raquel Welch who plays the role of Jane Gardner and Jean Paul Belmondo who plays the role of Mike Gaucher. The picture opens with Mike climbing the side of a burning building to rescue Jane Gardner from the fire. While talking about there up coming wedding which is the next day the producer remains Mike that the car crash scene is to start at 10am. Jane stands here ground and said no until her and Mike compromise and agrees to get married right after the scene is done. While in the car doing the crash scene for the second time the brakes in the car give out leaving the couple hanging over a bridge. The car gives and goes straight down putting both Mike and Jane in the hospital. With both of them in the same room the Justice of the Piece shows up to marry the couple. However, Jane changes her mind and throws the Minister out of the room. Then she takes a pair of scissors, then pulls her bed over to Mike's and tries to stab him with the scissors. After both Mike and Jane injuries heal Mike still wants to marry Jane but Jane wants nothing to do with the two time loser. After having no work Mike gets a call to go to Paris to do stunt man job for one of the local movie stars. When the stunt woman walks of the set its up to Mike to find a replacement and who's his first choose none other then Jane. So Mike follows Jane to a big party where he tries to convince Jane to work with him on this job or his finished. After running around and acting crazy Jane says yes just to get him away from her. What makes matters worst is Jane decides she going to marry one of the movie directors from Paris. Now Mike has to do anything and everything if he wants to keep Jane to himself. This wasn't a bad movie and if it wasn't for the beauty of Raquel Welch this movie wouldn't even be worth watching. The best seen is where there near the water and Raquel gets her on piece suit wet and she's shows of her beauty with style. I give this picture 10 weasel stars just for that scene alone.
This movie is a lot of fun,i watched it when i was a kid when it came out in Europe and i remember laughing in several scenes.I don't know how Belmondo's style translates to American audiences but to the rest of the world he was a big star when this movie came out and made a fantastic duo with Raquel.Raquel Welch always had a good flair for comedy and this material allows her to show her abilities.Here she is supposed to be a stunt-woman,partnering stuntman Belmondo in films and wanting to get married and she is really a lot of guts and fun.Belmondo plays the stuntman and a second role as a gay film star who resembles the stuntman. Belmondo is on his turf here and delivers.There was a lot of publicity about the stunts in this movie.Almost all of them performed by Belmondo himself,especially impressive a flying stunt where Belmodo is standing on-top of a flying plane.This movie is a good showcase for both Belmondo and Raquel.


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